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“Digital Digital”, up close, is a cluster of fingerprints, seemingly randomly assembled. Taking a few steps back makes the perception change: what seemed without unity was, in fact, a planned pictorial representation, a canvas enlarging that same fingerprint that was repeated, one next to the other, across the surface of the fabric. The work makes reference to the digital code as a method of generating and storing images. But here "zeros" and "ones" are discarded. In their place, digital prints are introduced, organized by the dual presence/absence of the pigment engraved on the work's support. The fingerprint, this symbol of the individual's uniqueness, ends up playing the role of “code” for generating images, at the same time that it is also the represented object itself. It is the code forming itself. It's Digital Digital.



II Semana de Humanidades da UFC

Fortaleza - Brazil

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