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Video installation

“Ambience RGB” is part of a series of video installations based on the predominance of basic colors that form the additive system of color generation in RGB, reflecting on the genesis of the electronic image in the field of video art. In addition, this series is characterized by the integration of the exhibition space and the video work itself, finding solutions for the images to gain three-dimensional expression. In the case of “Ambiente RGB”, this happens through the projection in videomapping of four planes, generating a large 360° image around the spectator. The work is also notable for being the first in the series to use sound. Electronic noises vibrate in sync with the movement of the images, using specific sound frequency patterns for each color tone.


2nd International Competition of Intermedia Artwork

Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland

Simulation of installation - Ambience RGB

Simulation of installation - Ambience RGB

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