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Video installation

The cube is both an abstract conceptual entity of geometry and a concrete element of spatiality. Becoming a White Cube contrasts the volumetric space with the two-dimensional image of the video. Two canvases are placed perpendicularly in a suggestion of complementarity. The volume of an imaginary cube appears only through the subjectivation of what is presented, as if in a Gestalt experience. The work also shows what would be the arché (the fundamental element from which the complexity of the world originates, in an allusion to the pre-Socratics) of electronic imaging equipment: the RGB. In “Becoming a White Cube”, the pulses in red, green and blue are accelerated and make the visible color progressively closer to an illusion of white, an apotheosis that cannot be achieved, since the image generated by this video installation does not become white, in addition to being very far from becoming a cube.


Festival Internacional de la Creatividad, Innovación y Cultura Digital

Espacioenter Canarias - TEA

Tenerife, Canary Islands - Spain


V Mini-Micro-Pocket-Mostra de Arte, ICA-UFC

Fortaleza - Brazil

Becoming a White Cube - Simulation of Installation

Becoming a White Cube - Simulation of Installation

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