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Video installation

“Chrominance Ejection Machine” tries to demonstrate what electronic image projection equipment is based on: there is a path between a light source and a material surface that receives and displays complex figures through the mixture of red, green and blue tones. There is an intention to explore the spatialization of the work, going beyond the planning of the projected image, in an effort to understand that spatial depth can participate in the composition of an audiovisual work. By dividing the projection area into two perpendicular planes (one that receives the light frontally and the other that distorts the image laterally) it gives the impression that the path of light (between its source and its final destination) can be accompanied by the observer.



Incubarte 7

Asociación Cultural

Valencia - Spain


Fifth Under the Subway Video Art Night

The ANNEX Art Social Space

New York - United States

Project Space Kleiner Salon

Berlin, Germany

Simulation of Chrominance Ejection Machine

Simulation of Chrominance Ejection Machine

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