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"Código Concreto" is a book inspired by the tradition of Concrete Poetry, a movement that expands the boundaries of literature by allowing words to produce meanings in their "sensible totality 'verbivocovisual'," integrating verbal, visual, and auditory factors. In this work, however, the poems are formed by programming code that incorporates poetic elements and symbolic signs into its structure. Despite all the interferences that the programming text of "Código Concreto" has undergone, it remains functional, respecting the syntactic and semantic rules of the programming language and the JavaScript library — p5.js —, thus generating a visual result through its processing. The creation of the codes was carried out through a process of cybernetic interaction, involving a human (the artist) and a machine (artificial intelligence tools), which is part of the doctoral research currently underway at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.



Current Art Thought PENAA Doctorate in Fine Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto

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