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Using a specific type of alarm clock, lately found for sale, which is notable for projecting the hours luminously onto the surface of the wall, this work provides for the grouping of 24 of these devices (one for each time of day) “set” in non-existent “time zones”, simultaneously projecting their contents in the same space, under different positioning angles. It is intended to suggest, in this way, the concept of continuous time, as opposed to the compartmentalized time that is evident in the temporal division that is made between hours, minutes, seconds and so on. Time passes and experience shows us that sequences of instants succeed each other, durations are constituted and the subjectivation of time is possible for us, but it is not distinguished in the projection of time that this work produces a unified time reference, but dispersed in a tangle of numbers that differ from those of the clock that marks a time that is precise, but conventionalized.

Projeção do Tempo Contínuo - adaptação

Projeção do Tempo Contínuo - adaptação

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