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Installation / Performance

The work was the result of a participation in the artistic residency Conexões Estéticas in 2011. The concept of the work is based on an experimentation of bringing to temporal duration the interference of the mathematical concept of Geometric Progression, making the routine of the artist/performer's life become adapting to the acceleration produced by such a device. By establishing a constant (0.829489902) and applying it to the 24 hours of a day, daily routines were progressively shorter and more difficult to fulfill. The performance action lasted 18 fictitious days, which, transposed to the conventional calendar, totaled 5 days, 15 hours, 41 minutes and 36 uninterrupted seconds. However, what was brought to the final exhibition of the artist residency were the vestiges of this intimate performance. Videos, photographs, texts, graphics, tables and objects used during the performance occupied an entire room in the museum.

Progressão Geométrica do Tempo - Tobias Gaede

Progressão Geométrica do Tempo - Tobias Gaede

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