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Generative Installation

An X is formed by two overlapping, perpendicular video projections aligned with the center. At this convergence point, circles constantly emerge and expand over time. The thickness and intensity of the circles vary according to the ambient sound, in an allegory referencing the synesthesia evoked by the exhibition's title, "Deaf Tongue." In both projections, there's a variation between the three colors of the RGB system: red, green, and blue. Through the overlapping of images, secondary colors emerge as effects of the additive chromatic model. Thus, areas are created where colors blend and others where this fusion does not occur. The generation of the images is done in real-time through synchronous processing of programming codes, incorporating stochastic processes. Additionally, there's the incorporation of tools trained by machine learning. In the case of "Ignotus", its algorithms were produced in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots.


Exposição Língua Surda

FBAUP Museum, Porto - Portugal



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