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Video installation

Eight security cameras are placed around the exhibition room. The equipment used is no different from what is customarily employed in video security systems, it is merely a re-insertion of this tool in a different operating manner. All of them direct their frames to the center of the space, where a video monitor is displaying the images captured at that moment, showing both the space and the spectators present in camera frames positioned according to the division of the room's full 360-degree rotation into equal angles. A high-frequency video sequencer chains the images from each camera, causing what you see on the monitor to be a constant and rapid simulation of a circular motion around the room. From the repetitive sequencing of such images, a spatial cycle is generated, in an act of going forward that is also a return to what has been left behind.


Mostra Balbucio de Tecnologias Ordinárias

Centro Cultural BNB – Fortaleza, Brasil

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