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“Depredator” is a novel that narrates the reinvention process of a visual artistin personal crisis. He finds himself driven by two contradictory forces: one of creation, the other of destruction. The one who, supposedly, would occupy the role of creator, undertakes a search for personal redemption that, in the end, leads him to a chain of destructive acts. The proposed situation is inserted in a broader context of multiple fragmentations, which includes the artist's work, his personal relationships, his identity, his physical integrity and even the society in which he lives. Released in 2020, the book mixes its plot with the environment of the socio-political process that has developed since the demonstrations that took place in Brazil since July 2013 and which still has strong repercussions today.



XI Incentive to the Arts Prize - Literature

Department of Culture of the State of Ceará (SECULTCE)

Available in the online store and free audiobook

Lançamento do livro DEPREDADOR, de Tobias Gaede

Lançamento do livro DEPREDADOR, de Tobias Gaede

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