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Video installation

“Morphic Poem” is a device for the random creation of neologisms. There are two versions of the work, one based on Portuguese and the other on English, presented at different events. Through a database containing morphological particles (such as prefixes, suffixes, radicals and thematic vowels), a flow of accidental combinations is created that produce a large number of words generated by chance. The work makes reference to writers who used language in an inventive way, such as Mallarmé, James Joyce and Guimarães Rosa. His exhibitions took place at events related to literature (Seeing in Tongues - Los Angeles) and digital languages ​​(Acta Media - Paris), discussing the interconnections between literature and electronic media.

Acta Media 12, Maison du Brésil, Paris - França

ECA-USP, São Paulo - Brasil
ICA-UFC, Fortaleza - Brazil

Seeing in Tongues - LACDA - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Los Angeles - United States

Morphic Poem

Morphic Poem

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